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I use the domain with the obvious subdomain For this blog I have also included the subdomain wlog.

Both domains are registered at Binero.

I am also using Binero dynamic DNS service as I don't have a static by my ISP. My router does not have a dynamic DNS client included.

To keep the dynamic WAN IP address of my router updated to Binero DNS I have added this to rpi1 crontab

00 *    * * *   curl -n -d '' '' >/dev/null 2>&1
00 *    * * *   curl -n -d '' ''>/dev/null 2>&1

The -n option assume that a ~/.netrc exists in the home directory of the current user (pi). Change permission by $ chmod go= ~/.netrc` Content for .netrc:

machine login password XXX
machine login password XXX

Using curl is inline with Binero documentation, running every hour. It will make a POST using the information after the -d option. curl should return "good" or "nchg", but the crontab rows directs to /dev/null, so not visible in syslog.

Note Do not add a DSN record for manually at Binero, if this is made the DynDNS will not work. The curl command above will add the subdomain www to the domain and then it will be visible in the DNS table at Binero. Same thing for the subdomain of course.