For blog entries, the applause button have been enabled in with this row


The number of claps is made persistent by a cloud-based sever with a REST API, see the link above. I don't expect a lot (read any) claps on the blog posts, but I still wanted to create a simple page with a table that list blog post name and the number of claps. To do this the get-multiple method is used in a simple Python script.

The script walks a directory structure using os.walk-function returning 3 parameters. If the second (dirs) parameter is empty we are in a "leaf"-directory and I take the value of the first parameter (root) to construct a JSON array used as an argument to get-multiple.

get-multiple has a restriction that maximum 100 URLs can be added to the JSON array. Hence, I need to cater for this. Once I have this array, I use the requests Python library to POST the array to, then I parse the result (if I get a status code that indicate success).

At the end, I use Flask and a template to generate an HTML page with the desired result. The Flask application is using gunicorn listening on port 8098 at my local raspberry (rpi2), hence UFW needs to be configured to have the port open.

More details and source code here